15 Reasons English Bull Terriers Are Not the Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Bull Terriers are wonderful companion dogs. It is difficult to find a friend more loyal and reliable than this dog.

Aggression towards humans is not embedded in the breed. The standard is presented by balanced, thinking dogs. The uncharacteristic behavior of bull terriers in the overwhelming majority of cases is the result of incorrect content, incorrect upbringing, and the deliberate development of aggressive traits in the dog.

If the owner has competently brought up and socialized the pet, established friendly, trusting relationships with him, the bull terrier will never cease to amaze him with its excellent qualities.

This is a restless, cheerful, childishly active dog that loves to play and be close to the owner. The bull terrier has a sharp mind and high intellect, he always evaluates the situation sensibly and carefully studies the people around him. This dog respects its master infinitely. She is loyal and obedient to him but demands the same respectful and friendly attitude in return.

Bull Terriers are loyal pets that will guard the family. These funny dogs have so many great attributes that it’s hard to narrow down the worst. But let’s try.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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