15 Pictures That Prove Vizslas Are Perfect Weirdos

Vizsla has two types of wool: short, smooth, thick and dense and hard, coarse, long, without gloss and shine. Those. there are long-haired and short-haired dogs of this breed. For the winter, the Hungarian Pointing Dog grows a warm undercoat and stubble on its hind legs, muzzle, and ears. The color of the breed’s coat ranges from golden to brown. The molting of this breed is average. The wool of the Hungarian vizsla requires minimal maintenance. It is enough only to brush this dog occasionally with a stiff brush, occasionally using dry shampoo. The vizsla should be washed only if necessary and only with mild soap. It is imperative to trim your dog’s nails frequently. This breed is healthy enough but can suffer from hemophilia and hip dysplasia. Vizsla also does not tolerate cold very well.

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