14+ Things Only Pit Bull Owners Will Understand

Television, newspapers, and the Internet often present information about these dogs exclusively in negative terms. Stories about attacks by pit bull terriers on their own owners, about the murder of children by them inspire panic and fear in the common man. But is the pit bull as bloodthirsty as it is presented to the general public by the media?

The American Pit Bull Terrier is very affectionate and gentle to his family. Due to their small stature and compact size, smooth coat, and lack of salivation, representatives of this breed are ideal candidates for keeping in city apartments. He will feel comfortable in a private house. Despite the fact that the pit bull has a wayward character and tends to dominate, he is so devoted to his master that he is ready to give his life for him. From him you can bring up an excellent bodyguard, but here’s a useless watchman. And all because a benevolent attitude towards people has been brought up in pit bulls since the inception of the breed.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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