14+ Reasons Why Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Make Great Pets

A young breed with several names. These dogs – the last among the bred Retrievers, differ in miniature, in comparison with their brethren, in size, but not inferior to them functionally. The animal was specially created taking into account the necessary hunting skills. Toller is the best at luring and catching waterfowl, in particular, ducks.

#1 Despite their small size and certain specifics, tollers are full-fledged hunting dogs that are very comfortable in everyday life.

#2 Like other retrievers, tollers are versatile dogs, capable of showing themselves excellently not only in hunting, but also in agility and obedience.

#3 Toller training is considered to be somewhat more difficult than training Goldens, Labradors and Flats.

This is due to the fact that the monotonous repetition of commands is not very interesting for a quick-witted and active toller, therefore, the training of the Scottish Retriever should be as varied as possible.

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