14+ Reasons Why Coonhounds are the Best Dogs Ever

Coonhound has an amazing sense of smell that can find anything. The breed is prone to excessive barking, so attention should be paid to this in the form of proper upbringing and socialization. With other animals it can be somewhat aggressive, showing its leadership qualities. Coonhound combines the functions of an adventurous and active hunter who rushes headlong to meet adventures, and, at the same time, a loyal and affectionate companion who surprisingly appreciates and respects his master and family.

#1 It is difficult to find a more hardworking, strong and resilient dog than a coonhound.

#2 The fearlessness and courage of the representatives of this breed made them dangerous, dexterous hunters, even for large animals – bears, pumas, deer.

#3 In the family, these are affectionate, loyal pets who are always happy to communicate with the owner and other household members, they are ready to spend time together.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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