14+ Powerful Reasons Why Having a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Can Change Your Life

A dog that will immediately become an important member of the family – the Swiss Mountain Dog is perfect for those who appreciate the loyalty and intelligence of a pet. His personality traits speak for themselves – it’s hard to find a best friend.

Despite the impressive size of the Mountain Dog, their behavior is soft and docile. The noble breed originally had a devoted character. Dogs are helpful and always ready to follow the orders of the owner. Actually, they were bred to help with the household. They are smart, love children, and are friendly to other animals. There is a known case when a 4-month-old puppy of a Great Mountain Dog saved the life of its owner – he attacked a robber who was trying to break into a private home to an elderly woman.

When a puppy of this breed comes to your home, he will definitely change your life. Why? Let’s find out!

#2 They are very attentive and if they notice something unusual, they will immediately notify you about it.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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