14+ Informative and Interesting Facts About Miniature Pinschers

Sometimes it seems that somewhere in the body of a miniature pinscher a perpetual motion machine is hidden. These dogs never sit still. They are always in the center of events, moreover, these events are often created by the Pinschers themselves. They need to stick their black nose into everything, take part in any business and be sure to draw more people into it.

#1 Many people are convinced that miniature pinschers are just a miniature version of the Doberman pinscher, but in fact, they are their own unique breed.

#2 Most sources agree that miniature pinschers are centuries old, and are actually a combination of the German pinscher, the dachshund, and the Italian greyhound.

#3 They’re rockin’ a cool nickname The people who love this breed really love this breed—and that means they’ve created special nicknames for them.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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