14+ Informative and Interesting Facts About Boston Terriers

The Boston Terrier has been popular since its inception, just over a century ago. They were originally bred to fight other dogs, but today they have become gentle and affectionate companions. The tuxedo-like color gave them the nickname “American Gentleman”. And although the popularity of the breed has declined at the beginning of the 21st century, breeders still hope that interest in these amazing dogs will return.

#1 Dogs with short noses are not able to cool the air entering the lungs like breeds with long noses. Therefore, they are more susceptible to heat stroke.

#2 And because of their short coat, they find it difficult to endure very cold weather. Even in temperate climates, Boston Terriers should be kept indoors.

#3 Since the breed may have breathing problems, it is best not to use a collar and use a harness.

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