14+ Facts About Raising and Training Great Danes

This breed – a cross between a mastiff and a greyhound – was bred to hunt big game and guard household property. In the last century, the Great Dane is almost not used as a working dog – it has become a good companion for a person, gentle to children, friendly to loved ones, loyal to the owner. Although, with a training program drawn up, the dog can do any job. Systematic education and training is a guarantee of obedience, correct behavior in any conditions, which is important for living in society.

#1 Raising the Great Dane at home means paying a lot of attention, forming behavior that is acceptable to the owner of the dog.

#2 The basis of home education is the assimilation of the rules of behavior at home, on the street, in society.

#3 Find a common language with the pupil, talk a lot, play, and you will achieve complete understanding, which is important for training.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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