12+ Reasons Why Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs Make Great Friends

The Great Swiss Mountain Hound is exclusively a family dog. He cannot imagine his life without a person from the first minutes of birth. Even as a puppy, the gross is ready to follow his master literally on his heels. It is very important for this dog to feel like a member of the family.

Mountain Dogs are quick-witted and docile four-legged friends. They are easy to learn commands, so they are suitable as pets for novice dog breeders. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog gets along well with children of all ages. Despite the fact that these dogs are affectionate and friendly, the child is completely safe next to such a four-legged pet. The Gross is indulgent to any childish play.

#1 These are very vigilant guards, capable of quickly and easily entering the battle, while they will never attack without reason, and will also promptly warn ill-wishers with loud barking.

#2 Gross often mistake any extraneous sound for danger, so you will have to listen to barking often.

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Written by Mary Allen

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