10 Best Pekingese Dog Tattoo Designs & Ideas

The Pekingese is not an easy dog. Sometimes you have to be happy that he is so small. Quite independent and confident, he can fight like a lion if something doesn’t suit him! Of course, a Pekingese has to abide by certain rules, and teaching them these are part of the fine art of dog training.

You should never get a Pekingese on a whim, as they are by no means an easygoing dog! His fur requires dedicated care and all body openings must be checked daily and cleaned if necessary.

If neglected, the fur quickly becomes matted. Bad skin inflammation can be the result! Get your Pekingese used to the grooming procedure early, as a struggling and squirming dog can make brushing impossible.

If you are a more relaxed person, a Pekingese could suit you perfectly. He doesn’t need much exercise and will be happy to share the sofa with you. In any case, make sure that the dog does not become too fat. If in doubt, put him on the scales, as the fur conceals many a love handle!

Pekingese, especially overfed ones, are prone to painful herniated discs. Breathing difficulties and eye injuries, which are common in short-nosed breeds, are also common in the Pekingese.

Below you will find the 10 best Pekingese dog tattoos:

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