Your Dog Pees On The Couch? 6 Causes and Solutions

When your dog pees on your couch, not only is it annoying and gross, it’s also worrying!

Because this behavior indicates a significant problem and can consolidate!

Without research into the cause, it will unfortunately happen again and again that your dog pees on your couch.

Therefore, act early and apply appropriate protective measures to protect your dog on the one hand and the sofa on the other.

We’ll show you what to look out for, the likely causes and why your Sofawolf doesn’t want to annoy you with it. Of course, you will also receive valuable tips from us on how to stop your dog from peeing on your sofa.

In a nutshell: your dog is peeing on the sofa

If your dog is peeing on your sofa, they may have a bladder health problem, be anxious, insecure, or agitated.

Missing or insufficient walks can also lead to your four-legged friend suddenly urinating on the couch.

But how can you remedy it? Quite simply: by finding and eliminating the cause.

Since this is always individual, you should be patient. The problem can be solved with the right tools and measures.

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That’s why your dog pees on your couch

Your dog pees on the sofa? You certainly already know the reasons that he is doing this out of protest or through territorial behavior and that you either failed in the upbringing or simply have to assert yourself “properly”.

That’s nonsensical. Your dog doesn’t urinate on the couch to annoy you or to ruin a comfortable place to sleep.

Health causes

The cause can most often be found in poor health. The most common causes can be:

  • Bladder infection / urinary tract infection
  • Bladder stones / kidney stones
  • bladder cancer
  • incontinence

In all of these cases and also with kidney diseases, your dog simply can no longer control when the urine is passed.

So he does it to himself and sometimes doesn’t notice this in time to jump off the sofa.

This is uncomfortable for you and bad for the upholstered furniture, but painful and dangerous for the dog and requires urgent treatment.

Your first step should therefore always be to the vet. If you notice: the dog is peeing on the couch, this is always an alarm signal. Likewise, when your dog pees on the bed, carpet, or anywhere else in the home.

Of course, if your vet doesn’t find a health problem, that’s cause for celebration. BUT this also means that YOU need to train your dog now!

NOW it’s time to investigate the causes: for this are also

  • Fear,
  • hormonal problems / markings,
  • habituation and
  • missing spout
  • lack of housebreaking

to consider.


Does your dog pee on the couch when he’s alone? You don’t have to interpret this as a protest, it can also have happened to your dog out of a state of fear.

For some dogs, the awkwardness comes from the separation anxiety that comes with leaving your canine friend at home alone.

Attention danger!

Don’t immediately assume that your dog will pee on the couch out of defiance, revenge, or to get attention! Dogs don’t do this because they are angry or want to annoy you. There is usually a good reason behind it that can be quickly remedied.

To mark

In the case of hormonal marking or release on the couch, the trigger can be scent marks that were already present unnoticed by humans and are covered by the dog.

My tip: remove any smell of urine

If your dog has peed on your sofa, it’s important to get rid of all the urine smell. If a residual smell remains, this encourages your dog to pee again in this place!

First, it is best to dab the urine with a kitchen towel. After that, I recommend using an odor neutralizer. So you can be sure that all odors have been completely removed. Unfortunately, water and dish soap are not enough here.

Female dogs in heat also tend to loosen up indoors and on berths despite being housebroken.

In theory, this can be thought of as tagging a male dog, only saying “I’m ready”.

When the heat is over, this marking behavior will subside again. Do you want to know what’s going on in your dog’s head during her heat?


Let’s get used to it as a reason why your problem of the dog peeing on the couch can arise.

Since dogs can be very sensitive to their environment, your dog may not release himself outside. If something causes him anxiety, stress or discomfort, he will refrain from solving outside and, in the safety of the apartment, will see your couch as a solution place.

First and foremost, you need to pay close attention to your dog’s behavior:

  • When Does Couch Urination Occur?
  • How did your dog live before?
  • How is your dog behaving outside? Is he stressed, scared, unwell?

Missing spout

Another reason your dog may be urinating on the couch could be a lack of exercise. He may not have the opportunity or the time to free himself outside.

Some dogs need a bit of sniffing time before they can go about their business. So make sure this is the case.

Lack of housebreaking

Could it be that little friend is still a puppy? Then a possible cause could simply be the lack of housebreaking. You may be lacking a bit of training.

Your dog pees on the sofa – what are the solutions?

First of all, you have to identify for yourself where exactly the problem lies. Can’t you do it because your dog never pees on the couch around you? Then I recommend a dog camera.

If it is a health problem – and this is the most common trigger – only a competent veterinarian can help you.

However, this requires an accurate diagnosis, which requires at least an examination of the urine, blood and an imaging procedure.

Is your dog peeing on the sofa because of anxiety, stress or insecurity?

Dogs that are exercised appropriately for their breed and abilities are less susceptible to stress. Make sure that you offer your dog enough exercise and variety.

If your dog is peeing on your sofa because he’s feeling scared or uncomfortable, provide security through structure. Learning to align with you will give him back his confidence.

Make sure your dog is comfortable outside. If necessary, find a break-away spot where he won’t be distracted or feel unsafe.

Take your time. Your dog can tell when you’re stressed, even if you don’t show it. This is unconsciously transferred to your dog.


If your four-legged friend pees on your couch, don’t blame him, even if it’s difficult.

He doesn’t do it to annoy you.

When your dog pees on your couch, it’s ALWAYS an indication that something is wrong.

Therefore, research the causes, be patient and protect your couch.

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