Your Dog Pees In The Apartment Even Though He Was Outside? 4 Causes And 4 Solutions

Your dog pees in the apartment even though you have just finished your walk together? Or does your dog behave defiantly and pee when something doesn’t suit him?

The constant peeing in the apartment is not only annoying, but unfortunately it also starts to stink over time.

This article lists possible causes and their solutions, so that you can have a housetrained dog again, despite walking it.

In a nutshell – why your dog pees in your apartment

The fact that your dog pees in your apartment even though he was outside can have several reasons. Illness, your dog marking in the apartment or not enough exercise can be three of many reasons.

If your dog regularly pees in your apartment, there is a risk that it will become a habit.

Just as each dog is unique, so are the solutions to each problem. Of course, you mustn’t scold your dog if he messes around in the apartment.

Why do dogs pee in the apartment even though they were outside?

Does your dog pee in the apartment or house without warning, even though it was outside?

If you suspect there is a problem: YOU ARE RIGHT!

If you adopted a dog from an animal shelter, chances are it hasn’t had toilet training. Then the solution is relatively simple. Begin housebreaking training with patience and understanding. Here you can find our report: anxious dogs from animal welfare.

My advice:

watch your dog In which situations does your dog urinate in the apartment? Knowing this will make it easier for you to come up with a solution.

There are various reasons why your dog pees in your apartment.

Medical causes such as bladder infection, kidney infection, diabetes, or urinary incontinence
If your dog suddenly starts peeing indoors despite being housebroken, you should rule out any medical causes first.

It is important to know that your dog does not pee in your apartment for no reason. The most common reason for sudden, uncontrolled peeing is a bladder infection or kidney disease.

Psychological causes such as fear, insecurity, or excitement

There are dogs who, out of fear and insecurity, just let everything go when they are in an uncomfortable situation. There are also dogs that can resist peeing outside in stressful situations. And as soon as you get home, it happens…

Your dog marks its territory

When the dog is marking, little urine is evident. Instead, on various objects, preferably something taller like a flower vase or a wall. Markings are messages to you and other dogs. Put simply, it means: I was here.

Too little outlet

You had a stressful morning and just grabbed the dog for a moment and let him out the door? There are dogs that need a lot of time to find the ideal spot to pee. I think you already know the solution here.

Your puppy pees in the apartment

Due to their anatomy, puppies cannot control when their bladder is allowed to empty and when not.

That’s why it’s important for your little puppy that you house train them.

Puppies usually need to detach after something exciting. This means for you that you have to bring the little one out every 2 hours to solve it.

The moments after:

  • sleeping
  • the food
  • playing

Positively acknowledge each outdoor pee. Over time, your puppy will learn that it pays to pee outside and will become housebroken. But, be patient!

How can I stop my dog from peeing in my apartment?


Never punish your dog for peeing in your apartment! Your dog has a reason for this and you would only make the problem worse.

Your dog pees in your apartment because of health problems

Has your dog suddenly mutated from being a good outdoor pee to an indoor pee? Such a rapid change in behavior usually indicates a disease.

Does your dog seem limp, leaves several puddles behind and the urine smells bad and is cloudy? This indicates a bladder infection. Don’t worry, bladder infections can be quickly and easily controlled with medication.

Bitches suffer from bladder infections more often than males.

Like us humans, older dogs can also get diabetes. Dogs that suffer from diabetes often have greater thirst, increased hunger and yet lose weight.

Larger dogs are often affected by urinary incontinence after spaying. This can also occur years after the bitch has been neutered. Urinary incontinence is the greatest complication of castration and can be treated effectively and successfully with medication.

If your dog develops any of these problems, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian.

Your dog pees in the apartment in protest

But you are now thinking: my dog is peeing in front of my eyes in protest?

When a dog urinates in your home in protest, it’s usually a sign of stress. As soon as you investigate the causes, you will discover the original problem.

If you work on it, the protest pee will vanish into thin air.

Your dog pees in the apartment because of mental health issues

Your dog pees in the apartment even though you were outside while you were away?

There are many dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. The resulting stress means they can no longer control their bladder and unintentionally pee in your apartment.

You can avoid this by rebuilding your loneliness step by step. Patience is required on your part here.

Sensitive dogs in particular need a lot of time to pee outside. Often just a new smell is enough to distract them.

If you are in a hurry and under stress, your dog will notice. Many then refrain from peeing because your stress has already passed on to your dog.

Give your dog time to pee. Set up a pee corner for your dog outside. At that time I used to go to the same spot with my dog ​​in the morning before work to loosen up.

My advice:

Teach your dog the “pee” command. The easiest way to learn this is with positive reinforcement. If it has to be quick, peeing on command is worth its weight in gold!

Tag your dog

What many do not know, even a bitch in heat can mark. Owning a male dog is nothing but a demonstration of his power. It also happens that your dog pees in someone else’s apartment.

First, find out if there is a bitch in heat in your area. If he marks because of this, there is almost nothing you can do about it and he will stop doing it within a short time.

If you are sure that your dog is marking in the apartment, don’t let him out of your sight. As soon as you realize that he is about to mark a spot, give him your stop signal.

Attention: the timing is crucial!

Many dogs then try to secretly tag. Don’t let him out of your sight! With consistency, perseverance, and timing, this can easily be remedied.

Home remedies for urine odor

Dog urine must always be removed immediately. Otherwise, this will tempt your dog to pee over it again. I absorb the urine with a cloth and then generously sprinkle baking soda on it. I leave it on overnight and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

The baking soda neutralizes the odor.


The fact that your dog pees in your apartment even though he was outside is a tedious subject, but one that can be dealt with easily.

Remember, every dog is unique, as are their problems and their solutions.

Of course, you can also leave us your questions and suggestions in a comment. We guarantee to answer.

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