Your Cat Doesn’t Want to Drink: These Tips Can Help

Do you regularly change the water in your cat’s bowl? If the kitty still doesn’t want to drink, tricks are in demand, especially in summer. Your animal world helps.

It is important for your cat to drink enough fluids – not only if they are older or have kidney problems. If cats take too little water, their urine can concentrate so much that crystals can form.

Cat owners can use these tricks to encourage purring refusers to drink more:

Mixing some warm water into the wet food meal makes the meal more attractive. The trick slows down the feed intake. But cats usually love food that is warm at body temperature. If the cats do not like a soupy meal, the amount of water should only be increased slowly.

Place Bowls of Water for the Cat in Different Places

If the cat only eats dry food, an attractive drinking point must be created – it says on the packaging that the cat should be given plenty of fresh water.

However, it is not a good idea to do this right next to the food bowl: the house tiger will prefer stale water in the flower coaster to the fresh water next to it. Therefore, set up water sources in different places.

Since milk is not a drink substitute for water, it is also necessary to trick the taste, for example with a few drops of milk in the water. You can also make drinking water more attractive with tuna juice or chicken soup.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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