You Shouldn’t Forbid Your Cat to Do These 3 Things

Sometimes it takes a consistent hand in cat training. And there are sure to be some behavior patterns that kitties should be attracted to. However, there is some typical cat behavior that you should not prohibit your cat from doing.

Does your puss drive you crazy with her behavior? What if she hides behind the bookshelf again, sweeps the cup of the worktop, or scratches the pillows? Still, you shouldn’t forbid your cat from doing this – at least not completely. Here you can find out why.


Cats often have a reputation for being independent. And sometimes rightly so. Because the kitties like to decide for themselves when and how long they want to be close to their people. And when things get too much for them, they retreat to their little hiding spots. And we should grant them this retreat.

Veterinarian Wendy Hauser explains to “Insider”: “Cat owners should never force their cats to pay attention. Although cats enjoy human attention, they prefer it in smaller doses than dogs, and most importantly, on their own terms. Owners should respect these basic needs of their cat friends and never impose themselves on them, for example not hold them against their will. ”

Climb Onto the Sideboard

Some kitties love to climb on the countertop or kitchen table while the food is cooking on the stove. No problem at first – as long as they don’t push objects on the floor with their cats. Nevertheless, many cat owners are disturbed by this behavior. To prevent this from happening, all they can do is try to distract their pussies before they jump on the sideboard.

But what doesn’t work at all: just push the cat down. In doing so, you can harm her, not only physically but also mentally. The long-term consequences can be behavioral problems, for example. Instead, you should always handle your cat with caution.


Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Of course, it’s not okay for your cat to scratch you. However, we often unintentionally contribute to this happening ourselves. For example, when we let our pussies play with our hands. Scratching wallpaper or furniture also falls into the category of “undesirable cat behavior”.

Nevertheless, you will not be able to wean your cat from doing this, let alone forbid it. It is therefore important to provide your kitty with a suitable scratching area. For example in the form of a scratching post.

Reward Instead of Punish

Does your cat show undesirable behavior? Then it is important that you do not punish them, but use other measures to prevent them from doing so. Animal trainers, for example, often recommend positive reinforcement. Instead of yelling or maybe even punishing them physically if kitties do something wrong, you can reward them with a treat, with pats, or play together if they behave in a desirable way.

Because some behavior that may bother us humans is often just an expression of the natural needs of cats. For example, if the cats keep jumping on the kitchen countertop, they might simply want a point from which they can have a good view of their surroundings. Instead of punishing her for it, you can therefore simply set up a cat tree or another higher place of refuge for her.

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