Yorkshire Terrier – Kind of Adventurer in a Small Format

Lovely beady eyes peeking out from under the bow he wears cheekily on his head, and nothing escapes them. That’s how you know the Yorkshire Terrier from TV. You may mistake him for a soft toy, but this is far from being the case: the Yorkshire Terrier is an agile, active dog with a strong character. He is certainly no ordinary roommate for inexperienced owners who are intimidated by a determined bundle of energy. But once the Yorkshire Terrier recognizes you as a leader, he becomes a happy and loyal companion and companion dog that you can stay connected with no matter what.

From Rat Hunter to Noble Dog

The Yorkshire Terrier has had an almost fabulous career. By the end of the 19th century, the less privileged population of Yorkshire in northern England kept the small terrier as a working dog. His job was to chew on rats and mice in houses, basements, and factory buildings that were being built at the time. The Yorkshire Terrier’s workspaces were dark, narrow, and confusing, where he could always run into defensive rodents. Then the upper class found out about the funny little man and brought him to the fine salons as a pet dog. From the street to high society: even today, the Yorkshire Terrier enjoys great popularity as a brash, loving companion. The bundle of energy also spreads positive vibes as a therapy dog ​​in clinics, nursing homes, and nursing homes.

Nature of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog with a strong personality. Alert and fearless in his surroundings, he is always ready to protect himself and his family. These characteristics and the surprisingly loud voice are typical characteristics of terriers and the reason why this fearless dog is not suitable for beginners. With early socialization, he generally tolerates children and other animals well. Obviously, unaware of his size, he confidently confronts larger relatives. The Yorkshire Terrier loves his human “master” and rewards him with a lot of love and a funny disposition. Possessing an active and mobile temperament, the Yorkshire Terrier is not at all a home sofa dog: the kid needs adventures and exciting walks.

Breeding & Maintenance of the Yorkshire Terrier

Despite its small size, the Yorkshire Terrier is not suitable for inexperienced owners. The dog knows exactly what he wants and has his own plans. You must train and guide the furry cheeky head like a puppy and set firm rules and clear limits for it so that it does not turn into a terrible dwarf. To use its desire to move and its intelligence, the Yorkshire Terrier needs a lot of exercise. If you offer him a variety of activities, you will have a balanced and sociable dog. Its convenient small size makes it suitable for keeping in an apartment – provided it goes outside often enough to release its energy. What would look silly in other dogs is a trademark of the Yorkshire Terrier:

Yorkshire Terrier Care

The long, silky coat of your Yorkshire Terrier needs special care. In addition to daily brushing, the dog may be bathed occasionally if necessary. To do this, use a special dog shampoo from a specialty store, which strengthens the structure of the terrier’s coat. You should be careful with food: the Yorkshire Terrier has a very sensitive digestive system and does not tolerate food changes well. Once you have decided on a brand, you should stick with it if possible.

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