Winter Fatigue in Cats

Like us humans, our cats can also suffer from cloudy weather and lack of light. We’ll tell you how you can recognize winter tiredness in your cat and make it a happy house tiger again.

Too Much Sleep Can Also Be Tricky

Cats are sensual animals and have sensitive souls. Your sleep time can then be up to 22 hours. They then become sluggish and lazy and are no longer so easily animated to play or go out. But this can also be dangerous: Exercise is very important both for humans and for your purring roommates. Otherwise, the circulation will not get going, the muscles will break down and the fat layer will increase. Even the senses can become numb.

Playful Against the Depressed Mood

By playing with your house tiger, it regains its strength after long periods of sleep. You should design the game in such a way that your velvet paw has a sense of achievement, that is, combines something positive with the playful effort and it pays off for them to be active. They are always happy to have a change in play and get bored quickly with the same games or toys.

“Catching and jumping” can therefore be a very interesting game for your cat. To do this, you take a string and hold it in front of your purring roommate. If the cat has noticed this and wants to reach for it, you keep walking away with the string and let your four-legged friend hunt for it. You will notice that your lazy fur nose quickly becomes more nimble and alert because it wants to catch the line at all costs. At the end of the game, you can cuddle with your cuddly tiger and reward him for the activity you have done.

Declare War on Tiredness in Winter

Winter fatigue is best combated by fresh air and distraction. A secured balcony is just as suitable for this as a garden to let the cat play outdoors. There she can perceive different impressions such as smells and noises and thus revive her senses. It also distracts from their depressed mood.

Regular play units are also very important for your little tigers. You should therefore take half an hour to an hour during the day for extensive games in order to strengthen your cat’s reflexes, circulation, and muscles. This should make her more balanced again and no longer sit in the corner frustrated. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on your cuddly tiger and maybe have a veterinarian check it out if the symptoms persist or their condition worsens. It could also be a different condition. Unrecognized winter fatigue in a cat can also result in depression.

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