Why Your Cat Freaks Out After Visiting the Litter Box

From the category “Cat behavior that puzzles us”: Why do cats run away from all senses after they have used the litter box? Sure, cat poop stinks. But is that really the only reason? You can find more possible explanations here.

There are cats who rush through the apartment like an oiled lightning bolt after their business – Usain Bolt is nothing against a kitty in her après-litter box sprint … Does your own cat behave similarly?

The following causes are possible:

The Litter Box is Dirty

The simplest – and most obvious – answer is a dirty litter box. Perhaps your cat only feels comfortable in an absolutely clean toilet. And at the latest when she has done her business, it is no longer that. Therefore, you should then make sure that you get it cleaned quickly.

Medical Causes

Your cat may suffer from constipation or inflammation in the anal area, large intestine, bladder, or urethra – and this is of course uncomfortable for the animal. The flight instinct could also be a reaction to an illness. That’s why you should also take a look in the litter box if you notice your kitty scurrying around unusually. If you find diarrhea, unusually hard stools, or blood there, you should see your vet immediately.

The Escape Reflex Goes Back to an Ancient Instinct

There is also a third reason to be considered: the wild ancestors and relatives of our cats flee from their legacies in order not to get into the clutches of their enemies – and because of the intense smell of feces or urine, they could be on the trail of the Cats are lured. In some house tigers, this flight instinct still seems to be very present.

In addition, your cat may just want to show how independent it is. Or that she longs for recognition because her “business” has been so successful.

Basically, if something strikes you as strange or unusual, it never hurts to get reinsured with the vet. When in doubt, he knows best when to get to the bottom of behavior more precisely – and when it is simply a lovable tick of your cat.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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