Why Orange Cats are the Friendliest Kitties

Good news for anyone with an orange cat: Several studies and observations agree that cats with orange fur may be friendlier than others. Your animal world reveals what’s behind it.
A recent survey of cat owners showed that orange cats are classified as particularly friendly. In addition, according to the results, the color of the fur is often linked to the sex of the cat: Orange cats are more male than female.

Although there is hardly any scientific evidence on this topic, there is still the prejudice, at least among some cat owners, that tomcats are more sociable than cats.

Independently of this, there was a study on the coat color of cats as early as 1995. Among other things, the researchers came to the conclusion that orange-colored kitties are more adventurous than their conspecifics. Her theory: “Perhaps because of their dominance and bold personality, orange cats are more comfortable approaching people than fearful, shy cats.”

Does the Color of the Coat Have an Influence on the Temperament and Behavior of Cats?

Does it sound strange to your ears to attribute certain characteristics to the color of your coat? In fact, there are other animals where there is a link between appearance and behavior, including rodents and birds. One possible explanation: Certain genes that influence behavior or other physical characteristics could be inherited along with those responsible for coat color.

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker also talks about her own experiences with orange cats on her website “Healthy Pets”: “When I think of all the magical orange cats I have met in the more than 20 years of my work, it was not one of them either aggressive or argumentative. They are actually very special. ”

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