Why is My Cat Hiding From Me?

Cats sometimes hide in the most unusual places: from the farthest corner of the wardrobe to the cardboard box to the washing machine. Most of the time the kitties only hide there because they are warm and cozy. But there can be other reasons for playing hide-and-seek.

Cats love quiet, warm, and cozy places that make them feel safe. If you also have a perfect view of your surroundings – all the better!

Therefore, it is not automatically a bad sign if your kitty likes to withdraw to these hiding spots again and again. Especially when something has just changed at home, for example, because new furniture, people, or animal roommates have moved in. The same is true if your cat has moved to a new home. Then she probably just needs some time to get used to the new situation.

This is How You Lure Your Cat Out of Its Hiding Place

Then it can help to place food and water close to the hiding place, offer your cat toys, and stay within sight and hearing range. When a new person has moved in with you, they can rub themselves with a dry towel, which is then placed in the middle of the room overnight. Your cat can now familiarize itself with the unfamiliar smell at its own pace.

Cat is Hiding Because It is Sick

However, if your cat is suddenly hiding for some inexplicable reason, it could also be due to stress or illness. Especially when she no longer seeks to be close to you or others outside of her hiding place. “Sick cats usually withdraw and could hide, although that also depends on the personality of the respective cat,” explains the “VCA” veterinary clinic.

That’s why you should definitely pay attention to other symptoms of the disease, advises veterinarian Myrna Milani to “Pet MD”. This includes the eating, drinking, and cat loafing behavior of your kitty. To check how much your cat drinks per day, you can mark the water level in their drinking bowl in the morning.

If your cat is not only hiding, has discharge from the eyes or nose, limps, or gets diarrhea, this is also an indication of an illness. Does your cat sleep more than usual, does it not allow itself to be attracted and generally seems listless and lethargic? According to the magazine “Rover”, these are also signs that you should have them examined by the vet.

What Could Be Stressing Your Cat?

If there is no medical cause behind your pussy’s game of hiding and seek, you should think twice about whether something has changed at home that could stress or make your cat sad. This could also be the loss of another cat, for example.

Because: It is usually normal for your cat to hide for a certain period of time in between. But she should come out regularly to eat, drink, use the litter box, and also to spend time with you.

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