Why have horses changed?

Introduction: The Evolution of Horses

Horses have a long and fascinating history of evolution that dates back more than 50 million years. Over time, these animals have adapted to changing environments and developed new physical and behavioral traits that have helped them survive and thrive. Today, horses are widely recognized for their strength, grace, and beauty, and they play important roles in many aspects of human life.

Domestication: The Beginning of Change

Around 5,000 years ago, humans began to domesticate horses, which marked a significant turning point in the evolution of these animals. Through selective breeding, humans were able to influence the physical and behavioral characteristics of horses, which led to the development of various breeds that were well-suited for different purposes. Horses were used for transportation, agriculture, and warfare, and they became more closely integrated into human societies. As a result, horses began to change both physically and behaviorally, adapting to the demands of their new roles.

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