Why Does My Cat Want Me to Watch Her Eat?

Does your cat only want to eat when you are around? Preferably when you stroke her? Then it might be what experts call an “Affection Eater”.

“Do not disturb the dog while eating!” – this is the phrase many people who grew up with a dog in the house are familiar with. This is also true of the dogs. After all, they can quickly become aggressive when they feel they need to defend their food. Your cat, on the other hand, may enjoy the attention while it is eating.

The reason: Cats are so-called “Affection Eaters”. Means: You need company while eating, some even want to be petted or animated to eat by rattling the food bowl. But that doesn’t always apply – and not for every cat.

Often the velvet paws react to a new environment, for example, due to a move or because an animal or human companion has died.

This need probably has its origin in the earliest lifetime of the kitties. “Many cats grow up being fed by their mother and are used to having some kind of protector around them while they are eating,” explains Dr. Marci K. Koski, an expert in cat behavior, told “The Dodo”.

So Your Cat Can Eat in a Relaxed Manner

Sometimes it is of course a bit impractical in everyday life if the cat only wants to eat in company. That’s why you can try to give your kitty a lot of security – so that she can eat relaxed without you.

Dr. Koski, therefore, advises establishing a daily routine with your cat. Through games, fixed feeding times, and enriching activities, you make sure that your kitty feels safer around her.

For the first time in a new home, you can let your cat stay in a small, “safe” room. The kitty should find everything she needs in it: a litter box, food, water, toys, and a cat bed, which should be as far away from the litter box as possible. It’s also important to hang out with your cat regularly and show your affection for them. Movement and interactive games are particularly good ways to reduce stress in the kitty.

How Much Does Your Cat Eat?

It is also important to keep a close eye on the cat’s eating behavior. To do this, you should always feed her a fixed amount at fixed times. This is the only way to know when and how much your cat is eating – and whether it suddenly has more or less appetite.

Avoid getting the food bad and clean the bowl after each use. Because cats are picky eaters and value fresh food. Some kitties also don’t like food bowls that are too narrow or deep that their whiskers hit. A shallow bowl or plate may be a better choice. In addition, some cats prefer to eat lukewarm food.

If you suspect that your cat’s attachment could have a health cause, or if she no longer eats near you, you should have her examined to be on the safe side.

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