Why Does My Cat Always Sleep at the Foot of the Bed?

Can your cat sleep in bed with you? Then there is a good chance that she will choose the foot end for her nap. The kitty has good reasons for this – we explain what they are here.

The epitome of coziness? For many cat owners, that should be a purring ball of fur at the foot end that keeps them company at night. Does your cat also prefer to lie down at your feet to sleep? Then after reading this text you will finally know why she is doing this.

Cats instinctively seek our presence. No wonder: after all, we provide our cats with food, water, and everything else they need to live. To be very close to their providers gives the kitties a feeling of security.

A Foot End is a Strategic Place in the Bed for Cats

Then why do they settle down at our feet of all places? Above all, their flight instinct contributes to this. In an emergency, your cat wants to be sure that it can jump up quickly and run away from possible danger. The foot end of the bed is better for this than when she sleeps wrapped in the sheets in the middle of the bed.

“Often the foot end of the bed is about in the middle of the room,” explains animal behavior expert Erin Askeland to “Popsugar”. “This not only offers the cat a high seat and overview, a cozy place to stretch out but also the possibility to move quickly in any direction if necessary.” The kitties also often have a clear view of the door from there.

But that doesn’t mean that your cat would just leave you alone in case of danger. By being near you at night, she also wants to protect you. Your furball can wake you up so quickly in dangerous situations. It is not for nothing that cats land in the headlines again and again, waking their owners, for example in a nocturnal apartment fire, and thereby saving lives.

Man as a Cat Hot Water Bottle

We not only offer our kitties security, but we are also a source of heat for them. Our torso, in particular, radiates a lot of heat. In combination with fluffy blankets and pillows, cats can quickly get too warm. In order not to overheat at night, but still feel our warmth, our feet are an ideal place, explains veterinarian Dr. Jess Kirk.

However, some cats also change their sleeping position at night and sometimes wander closer to our head and upper body. In this way, they look for exactly the body heat they need. The position at our feet has another advantage for kitties: More space. Many of them roll around in their sleep, turning from one side to the other. The upper body usually takes up more space than the legs and feet. For the cat, this means: it is less likely to be disturbed during its own beauty sleep.

In addition, rumpled blankets are not exactly the most comfortable sleeping surface for cats. They prefer smooth surfaces. And they are also more often to be found at the foot of the bed than in the middle of the bed.

Last but not least, cats rarely sleep all night long. From the foot end, they can quickly jump out of bed and walk around at night without bothering you. So all in all, your cat’s reasons for finding a place to sleep are pretty cute and considerate, aren’t they?

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