Why Do Cats Keep Knocking Things Over?

Whether it’s the flower vase on the living room table or glasses in the kitchen – many cat owners can tell a song about the fact that their cats seem to be constantly knocking over objects. Here you can find out why this is so – and how you can prevent it.

“People often wrongly assume that cats sleep and lie around all day,” explains animal trainer Dr. Marci K. Koski opposite “The Dodo”. “That may be true for some cats, but keep in mind that cats are small, predatory beasts that want to explore their surroundings.”

Animal trainer: “Cats are Small, Predatory Beasts”

This also includes interaction with their surroundings. If you don’t give your cat a job, you have to expect that it will look for one itself. Not always to the delight of the owner … Because the kitties’ hobbies can include things like:

  • Push objects off the table;
  • Nibble on plants;
  • Attack your feet;
  • Play with blinds or curtains.

Cats Knock Things Over When They’re Bored

Ultimately, however, this behavior only shows that your cat wants to be kept busy. As? For example, with the help of toys that the kitty can use to act out her hunting instinct

Joint play units, clicker training, cuddly toys with catnip, or other opportunities for distraction and exploration also keep cats happy.

As long as your cat isn’t bored, it won’t knock it over anytime soon. Ultimately, this is also a good way for them to get your attention.

That’s why you shouldn’t rush to her immediately every time she knocks something over. Otherwise, she just learns that this is how she gets what she wants …

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