Why Are Many Cats Afraid of Water?

Even people who don’t know much about house tigers have heard that cats are afraid of water. But is that really true? Or are water-hating pussies just a prejudice? Your animal world has the answer.

Many cats vehemently oppose a bath – with their claws extended if need be. Many cats also avoid puddles and paddling pools. The suspicion that cats are afraid of water is therefore obvious.

In fact, there are several explanations why many cats don’t like water:

Cats Don’t Need Water to Get Clean

You don’t have to be a cat owner to know: Cats always carry their car wash with them – in the form of their own tongue. The velvet paws simply clean themselves by licking their fur thoroughly.

So it’s not surprising that a full bath in water seems a bit strange to them. This is also due to the fact that when bathing with soap and water, their own smell is washed out of the fur. For cats, however, scents are important forms of communication: if they suddenly stop smelling themselves, the kitties are confused.

Another reason for their aversion to water is that cats’ fur literally soaks up water. “When a cat gets wet, its fur becomes heavier, colder, and more uncomfortable. It can also take a long time for the fur to dry on its own, ”explains veterinarian Dr. Eve Elektra Cohen to “Reader’s Digest”.

In addition, cats are very lithe animals that normally have their bodies under control. In the water, however, body awareness and balance suddenly change. Swift movements are slowed down. A completely new experience for the kitties – that many don’t like.

Some Cats are Not Afraid of Water

Nevertheless, there are always house tigers who don’t seem to mind the cool water. This could be due to the breed, among other things. Maine Coon cats, Bengal cats, Abyssinian cats and Turkish Van love to be in the water. Dr. According to Cohen, that’s because these breeds’ hair texture is more water-repellent – so the bathroom doesn’t feel so uncomfortable for them.

Do I Have to Bathe My Cat?

Of course, if your cat is afraid of water, you don’t have to force her to bathe. Most cats are very good at keeping themselves clean. However, there are exceptions: For example, if your cat can no longer clean itself due to an illness or old age osteoarthritis.

To slowly get your cat used to bathing, you can reward them with treats and encouragement. This will probably take a while, especially with older cats – but it is worthwhile to make the experience more pleasant for you and your four-legged friend.

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