Why are Cats Always So Picky About Food?

Some cats are worse than the pickiest children: they rarely eat what you put in front of them. You don’t touch new cat food and any attempt to change brands is punished with contempt? Here you can find out why cats have such exquisite taste.

Because even if your cat’s eating behavior seems demanding and complicated – there is a very simple explanation: On the one hand, the velvet paws have a very fine sense of taste. This is why you cannot so easily feed them medication or other additives in the feed. If you taste something else in your food, it can lead to a general aversion to this type of cat food.

On the other hand, it also makes sense from an evolutionary point of view that cats can taste so good and are rather skeptical about new cat food: “Trying out new things in the wilderness can be pretty dangerous!” Explains veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Adler opposite “The Dodo”. The fear of new things even has a name: neophobia. It protects animals in the wild from ingesting potentially poisonous food and thereby risking their lives.

Cats need a certain nutritional composition in their food. The kitties seem to know instinctively what is good for them. The vet’s advice is, therefore: “If you find a cat food that works, stick with it.”

Get Young Cats Used to Different Cat Foods

It looks different when your cat comes to you as a small kitten. Then you can also try to get them used to the widest possible range of foods. As a result, she will be more open to different foods in her later life – and you can change the cat food more easily if you have health problems or when your cat is getting old.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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