Why Are Border Collie Dogs So Hard To Train?

Border Collies are quick to learn, but because they can think for themselves they can often be stubborn. A Border Collie is fairly independent which makes them more difficult to train. Knowing and understanding your Border Collie, helps you know how to handle any problems and discipline while training.

However, the Border Collie does not need to be kept busy non-stop. On the contrary. This breed is so devoted to obedience and work that the dog will continue to work tirelessly even when exhausted and at the end of his tether.

So if you constantly challenge your dog and physical exercise it, you can even overload your four-legged friend without wanting to. Because many owners often think that the dog is still having fun, for example when he fetches the stick again and again, although he is actually dead tired.

However, if you consider the Border Collie’s task within the herd, it quickly becomes clear that this dog does not work continuously, but has many breaks in between, in which it has to be attentive but is not constantly on the move.

The Border Collie only becomes active on the shepherd’s command or when a sheep moves too far away from its flock.

It is true that the Border Collie learns very quickly. Not only does he internalize the desired qualities and commands very quickly, but he can also quickly develop bad habits if the upbringing is not consistent enough and the owner lets misbehavior go unnoticed several times.

So if the Border Collie is successful with a behavior (e.g. pulling on the leash), it will be very difficult to train it out of it again.

It takes a lot of dog knowledge, patience, tact, and experience to train a Border Collie. A dog school that is particularly familiar with this breed of herding dog is a good partner when it comes to training issues and will support you in training the Border Collie.

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