Which Royal Canin Food For My Cats?

Hardly any other pet is as picky as the cat. Not only in terms of the taste of their food but also in terms of vitamins, nutrients, and Co. So it is not reprehensible that more and more cat owners are losing track and do not know which cat food is the right one for their own house cat.

No wonder, because nutrition not only plays an important role in the growth of small kittens but also ensures the long-term health of the animals so that a number of different special features should be taken into account when feeding.

Always be aware that keeping one or more cats is a great responsibility and that the animals’ diet should never be underestimated, so you should always opt for high-quality and balanced food.

The manufacturer brand Royal Canin has specialized in developing the perfect cat food for a wide variety of cat types so that you get a perfect overview and can quickly find the ideal variety for your darling. Royal Canin cat food is available for both adult cats and kittens, as dry food or as wet food, with special vitamins or rare ingredients. Thanks to the huge variety, every cat can enjoy delicious cat food that ideally suits their needs, so that this manufacturer brand can accompany your cat through life right from the start.

Royal Canin cat food for pedigree cats

The manufacturer brand Royal Canin has divided the cat food, among other things, into many different pedigree cats in order to be able to respond to the individual needs of the animals in the individual varieties and to meet all requirements. These were again divided into kitten food and cat food for adult animals. We present the different forms of food for the same breeds using the Maine Coon cat.

For Maine Coon cats, there is Royal Canin cat food for animals up to 15 months, from 15 months, and for adult Maine Coon cats.

Royal Canin kitten food:

  • high energy input;
  • adapted to the special nutrient profile of the Maine Coon cat;
  • adjusted protein content;
  • balanced content of vitamins and nutrients;
  • Helps build healthy bones and joints;
  • Prebiotics and proteins support the intestinal flora;
  • a special complex of antioxidants promotes the immune system of small kittens;
  • Malachite 9 is specially designed for the larger cat jaws of Maine Coon cats and encourages

intensive chewing;

  • strengthens the jaw muscles;
  • larger kibble than in other foods;
  • Available in pack sizes of 400 g, 4 kg, and 10 kg.

additionally from 15 months:

  • larger croquette;
  • continues to support bone formation in young cats;
  • special fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids promote skin health;
  • Pack sizes 400g, 2kg, 4kg, and 10kg.

Additionally for adult cats:

  • maintains skin health;
  • maintains the beautiful coat and lets it shine;
  • high energy content;
  • contributes to heart health;
  • helps keep the large breed cat’s bones and joints healthy.

In addition to the breed food for Maine Cool cats, Royal Canin cat food is also available for Persaca cats, Siamese cats, British Shorthair cats, Norwegian Forest cats, Sphynx and Ragdoll. Here, too, the individual behavior of the animals and their needs were explicitly examined in order to develop the perfect food.

Tailor-made nutrition

Under the Tailored Nutrition category, Royal Canin also offers special cat food, which has been divided into four different areas. So there is food for rearing, for cats aged 1-7 years, from 7 years, and for the seniors among the animals, the cats from 12 years.

Finding the right food in this subdivision is therefore not a problem as long as you know how old your cat is. However, within the individual areas, there are of course again differences that relate to the cat and its life, in order to also ensure that the ideal food can be found.

We will show you what these are in our overview:

Nutrition for cats with special needs course, this manufacturer brand also provides suitable cat food for cats with special needs, so that the affected animals can also enjoy a diet that is perfectly tailored to them.

In this section you will find the following varieties:

  • Hairball Care – to reduce hairballs;
  • Light Weight Care – for overweight cats;
  • Oral Care – to support dental hygiene;
  • Digestive Care – for cats with digestive problems;
  • Urinary Care – for urinary tract support.

Always the perfect food for every cat you can see, the Royal Canin range offers a particularly large selection of different cat foods. No wonder, because only if your cat is optimally cared for can it enjoy a healthy and long life and feel completely at ease.

It is therefore important to always consider your cat’s characteristics when deciding which Royal Canin cat food is right for your cat. Be it the age, the living situation, the special needs, or the type of housing – with this cat food you get first-class quality and can ensure that your darling is well looked after.

rearing 1-7 years From 7 years From 12 years
Babycat Milk –
cat milk from
birth to weaning
Home Life Indoor Long Hair –
for long-
haired cats that
are kept purely as indoor cats
only live indoors.
Home Life Indoor 7+ –
for indoor cats
aged 7+
Senior Adeing 12+ –

for cats from

12 years of age.

First Age Mother & Babycat –
cats between 1 – 4 months.
Home Life Indoor Appetite Control –
for adult cats who
have excessive appetites and
are kept indoors only.
Home Life Indoor Appetite Control
for adult cats who
have excessive appetites and
are kept indoors only
. Active Life Outdoor 7+
for active outdoor enthusiasts from the age of seven.
Aging + 12 in Gravy –

for cats over
12 years of age.

Babycat Instinctive –
from weaning to
months old.
– for active cats,
which mainly live outside
of the house in
Regular Sterilized 7+ –
for neutered
cats over
7 years of age.
Aging + 12 in jelly –
for cats over 12 years of age
– for kittens
from 4 to 12 months
Fit³² – For cats that
enjoy free range
and are rather calm in their behavior.
Instinctive +7 in Gravy –
for cats 7 years and older.
Sterilized 12+ –
for neutered cats
12 years old.
Kitten Instinctive in Gravy –
kittens from 4 to
12 months.
Regular Sterilized –
for cats that
are neutered
and adult and also tend
to be overweight.
Instinctive + 7 in jelly –
for cats over 7 years old
Kitten Instinctive in Jelly –
kittens from 4 to
12 months
Regular Appetite Control Sterilized – for cats that are neutered
and tend to eat significantly more.
Regular Appetite Control 7+ Sterilized – for cats from the age of 7 who
have been neutered and have an increased appetite.
Second Age Kitten Sterilized –
for kittens aged
6-12 months that
are still growing
Regular Sensible –
for adult
cats that suffer from
Feline Preference Aroma Exigent –
cats that are
very picky about their food and have
high standards when it comes
to distinguishing between
individual aromas.
Feline Preference Protein Exigent –
for cats that are very demanding when it comes to
nutrient differentiation.
Feline Preference Savor Exigent –
cats with very demanding tastes.
Instinctive in Gravy –
for adult cats
over 1 year old.
Instinctive in jelly –
for adult cats
over 1 year old.
Intense Beauty in gravy –
for shiny and beautiful
cat fur.
Intense Beauty in jelly –
for beautiful
and shiny cat fur.
Sterilized in Gravy –
for adult cats
over one-year-old that has been neutered.
Sterilized in Jelly –
for adult cats
over one-year-old that has been neutered.
Ultra Light in Gravy –
for cats that
tend to be overweight
Ultra Light in jelly –
for cats that
tend to be overweight.
DigestDensitive in gravy –
for cats with sensitive
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