Which Dog Bed Is Right For My Dog?

Dogs like it cozy, but they also want to stay with their family at the same time and always have an eye on what’s going on. Others prefer to withdraw in order to enjoy their peace and quiet to the fullest.

It is clear that dogs should have at least one dog bed available for cuddling, resting, and sleeping. However, there is now a particularly large selection of different models, so it is not always easy to find something suitable.

For this reason, there are a few facts to consider when buying or before buying, so that both you and, of course, your dog are ultimately satisfied. In this article, we explain how you can find the perfect dog bed for your faithful four-legged friend.

Good to know: While we humans sleep an average of eight hours a day, dogs need around 12 hours of sleep. However, you do not only spend this time in deep sleep. In contrast to us, the beloved fur noses only spend about 2.5 hours in a real deep sleep. The rest of the sleep can also be described as a cozy and restful doze.

Where should the dog basket be?

Before you buy, you should think about where your dog’s new cuddly basket should be. See where your darling likes to lie down. Some dogs prefer to withdraw and others would prefer to settle down next to their owners on the sofa, which of course not all dog owners like.

Once a place has been found, you can see how much space is available for the new bedroom. In terms of color, you can now see what goes best with the rest of the interior.

Of course, it is also important that you make sure that the basket does not get in the way in the future. So it doesn’t bother you and your dog won’t be woken up again and again by you having to walk along the basket or push it to the side. Here you have to consider that your dog is usually only half asleep and would wake up again and again.

Size of your dog

Of course, thanks to the numerous dog breeds, there are numerous dog sizes. From small Deer Pinschers to the rather knee-high Australian Shepherds to the large Great Dane, everything is represented. It is also clear that both small and large dogs need their own dog basket.

It is important that the basket is big enough for your dog to stretch out completely. Even though many dogs like to snuggle up small and snuggly, a decent size is an important point. Not just for the looks and for the comfort factor. Also for the health of your dog. So stretching is important for the bones and joints.

Preferences of the dog

Of course, the new dog basket should not only please you, but also your dog. This means that you should know your pet’s preferences and take them into account. For example, some dogs like it very cuddly and soft, while other four-legged friends like smooth and “cold” fabrics. There are also models made of wicker, which can be equipped with a pillow or are a combination of several types.

The materials – an important factor when buying a dog basket

It is particularly important that you make sure that the new dog bed is easy to clean. So it should either be washable or even machine washable. It is also important that the different covers can be completely removed, which makes cleaning even easier. In addition, it makes sense that the covers are also waterproof. So you should consider that your dog also leaves dirt, drool and drops of urine in the basket, which you as the master or mistress cannot prevent. If the dog basket is not cleaned at regular intervals, it can develop into an over-smelling source of bacteria, which also deters the dog and is anything but appetizing for you. Because the dog naturally takes on this fragrance bit by bit.

The shape of the new dog basket

As already mentioned, the body size and shape of your dog should be considered when buying a new dog bed. It is best to choose a model that can adapt to your dog. For example, for some dogs it is important that the head is slightly higher than the rest of the body. Dog baskets that are too hard, on the other hand, are often very uncomfortable, while the very soft versions make it difficult to get up, and especially the old animals with bone problems could have problems here. So a good mix makes the difference.

The shape of the dog basket always depends on the type of model. You can find out which ones are available below:

The dog kiss

Dog cushions are particularly comfortable and available in all sizes. Here it depends on the filling of the pillow. There are some that are filled with small beads, which are more reminiscent of the beanbag, but adapt perfectly to your dog’s body. There are also pillows that are filled with a little air or the normal and flat fabric pillows, which are available with or without a padded filling.

The wicker basket

Braided baskets used to be very popular and widespread. While they do not conform to the dog’s body, they can be fitted with a blanket or dog cushion to maximize the dog’s comfort of use. Practical here are the higher side walls of the cup, which are ideal for leaning against.

The dog bed

Dog beds are now also available in numerous variations. They differ not only in the size of the lying surface, but also in their shape and, of course, in the design and the material used. The fillings of the dog beds also vary, so you should take a close look at which materials were used to manufacture them.

The dog blankets

Dog blankets are also very popular and can of course be taken anywhere. However, they are often very hard and cold from underneath as they lie directly on the ground. For this reason, we only recommend the individual dog blankets for on the go or to put them in dog baskets etc., or to protect the sofa with them if your darling likes to sleep there too.

Clean the dog basket

As already mentioned, regular cleaning of the dog basket is very important. That starts right after the purchase. Here you should either wash the entire basket or at least wipe it with a damp cloth. In this way, any allergy triggers can be removed. Furthermore, you should brush or sweep out the dog basket regularly so that the coarse dirt can be removed.

You can easily do this when you are cleaning the premises anyway. You should also wash the entire basket or its entire cover once or twice a month. With many models it is also possible to wash the insoles, so that it is even more hygienic, otherwise, special disinfectants are available. However, you only need to do this once a month. When washing, however, it is important that you do not wash these things with fabric softener or other cleaning agents that contain some fragrances. Simple, mild soapy water or a mild, unscented detergent will suffice.


Finding the right dog bed for your four-legged friend is not an easy task due to the huge range on offer. Especially not when he is new to the family. The preferences of the animals must be taken into account, but your own ideas should not be neglected. If you pay attention to the final height of your dog when it grows up and takes into account the needs and the good quality of the models, then your dog will definitely feel very comfortable in the new bed and enjoy the rest time even more than before.

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