Which Breed of Cats Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Do you love cats and do you believe in the power of the stars? Then you’ve come to the right place: Our hobby astrologer and cat-lover Anke took a look at which pedigree cat goes with which zodiac sign – of course with a wink …

Leos are real stars, Aries love it spontaneously and Taurus enjoy life: Zodiac signs reveal a lot about people – and even influence our love life, as various studies show. According to this, twins, for example, are the most unattractive partners – one in three definitely doesn’t want a date with this zodiac sign. After all, twins are not alone: Cancer, Taurus, Aries, and Leo are also considered “undateable” …

So if we choose our partner according to the zodiac sign – why not our partner on four paws too? This astrological perspective already exists for dog breeds. But what about the house tigers? Here is the ultimate cat breed zodiac check:

Tough Ibex Meets Tough American Curl

Capricorns are tough, down-to-earth – and always set high goals for themselves. They proceed step by step and only allow themselves to relax when everything is done. They focus on quality, short-lived trends are not for them.

An American Curl goes well with the persistent ibex: animals of this breed are very open-minded, active, and robust. The intelligent animals love tricky games and, like ibexes, only stop when they have reached their goal (in this case: treats). In addition, American Curl is considered very friendly.

Independent Aquarius Likes Headstrong European Shorthair

Average? This is not for Aquarius. They like it extraordinary – and are very independent. In addition, Aquarians are often way ahead of others and like to look for opportunities to break out of everyday routine.

A European Shorthair goes perfectly with this – it is not only robust and balanced but also obstinate. And like Aquarius, this cat breed is a free spirit: The velvet paws love to walk through their own territory in front of the house or apartment door …

Sensitive Fish Goes Well with the Sensitive Russian Blue

The list of Pisces traits is long: they are calm, gentle, romantic, forgiving, brave, and humble. So it’s no wonder that Pisces are loved for their big hearts.

With their empathetic manner, of course, they understand the Russian blue’s sensitive soul perfectly. And they challenge the good-natured fish: You humans have to earn their trust in cats first. Once this is done, the cats originally from Russia are very loyal. Just like people with the zodiac sign Pisces.

Aries Zodiac Sign Loves Strong-willed Persian Cats

The Aries is adventurous, passionate, and self-confident: when he has set his mind on something, he wants to get it done – and sometimes he goes through the wall with his head.

As brave and bold as the ram, he also needs a strong-willed kitty like the Persian cat. It is said that the Persian cat is the most peaceful breed of cat in the world. But be careful: It also contains a lot of willpower and intelligence – this is how the Persian cat usually achieves what it wants. Because under its pretty fur, the pedigree cat can be as stubborn as a ram …

Reliable Taurus Plus Serene British Shorthair

They are “solid as a rock”: Taurus is a reliable and loyal friend who can be relied on. In addition, they are pleasure-loving people and like to work creatively.

A British Shorthair is ideal by their side: animals of this breed are calm, balanced, calm, and adaptable. However, she expects her human being to give her due attention: if she wants to cuddle, then immediately – she consistently demands her cuddles. She is possessive there, as a Taurus can be.

Sociable Twin Plus Talkative Siamese

Gemini is extremely sociable and has a wide range of interests. People with this zodiac sign love to network and are very talkative.

They should also have a velvet paw that has something to say – like the Siamese cats. This race is also very talkative and people-related. With her spirited manner, she goes well with the twin who likes to do several things at the same time.

Zodiac Sign Cancer Plus Faithful Saint Burma

A look at cancer reveals it: They have “hard shell, soft core”! And this core has it all: Cancers are soulful, sensitive, and very good listeners and observers.

They are well-suited to a cat whose nature differs from its conspecifics: Holy Burma attaches great importance to pleasing its humans. And while Cancer can sometimes be a bit clingy in relationships, Holy Burma follows its caregiver like a shadow …

Luxury Leo and the Exotic Savannah

Sure, Leo is the star in the arena: this zodiac sign loves the spotlight, is proud, confident, and has a big heart. Leo’s big plus is its sense of justice. He also loves luxury – for which others are welcome to admire him a little.

When it comes to luxury, the Savannah is the right cat for him: It costs up to 10,000 euros and stars like Justin Bieber have chosen this breed. She is tall, graceful, and very exotic.

She also fits the Leo in character: Savannahs are playful and social, also curious, and always on the lookout for adventure. But be careful: in countries like Australia keeping Savannahs is forbidden. In Germany, the offspring up to the fourth generation are considered wild animals, only from the fifth onwards can they be kept as pets.

Practical Virgo Likes Gentle Ragdolls

A typical Virgo likes it clear, precise – and practical. You like to observe and prefer to avoid risks. In addition, they are caring and helpful.

A clumsy cat would not be good for the Virgo – the very skilled Ragdoll, on the other hand, is a fantastic fit. In addition, the largest pedigree cat in the world loves the attention of its humans, is gentle and balanced – and a friend for life for the reliable and helpful Virgo.

Zodiac Sign Libra Plus Friendly Main Coon

Argument? People with the zodiac sign Libra prefer to avoid this. They like things to be harmonious, balanced and like to solve problems diplomatically. In addition, they are almost always in a good mood, open-minded, creative, and fair.

A Main Coon is a perfect companion by her side: These cats are just as friendly and amiable as the Libra. In terms of behavior, they are sometimes more like a dog than a cat, as they are very sociable – ideal for the Libra, who mostly likes dogs and cats in harmony.

Brave Scorpio and Active Abyssinian

Passionate and brave – Scorpios are individualists who go their own way. And they are kept secret: if you trust a Scorpio with a secret, you can be sure that nobody will find out. In addition, they are peaceful and calm, at least as long as they are not irritated – then he uses his famous sting.

The active Abyssinian cat suits the energetic scorpion. She is attentive, playful, very sociable, and close with people. She is not just a cuddly kitten! On the contrary: like scorpions, Abyssinians want to experience and discover a lot.

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Meets the Intelligent Norwegian Forest Cat

Sagittarius are optimists. With their open and spontaneous nature, they quickly find friends. To do this, they are looking for adventure. And even if they master normal everyday life in a relaxed manner – there is always a little rebel slumbering in them.

Sagittarius finds its psychological counterpart in the Norwegian Forest Cat: the curious, playful and intelligent cat likes to conquer the world in front of the house or apartment door – after all, it still contains a bit of the wildlife of its ancestors. But she is also cuddly and gentle and can seduce the carefree Sagittarius to cuddle hours.

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