Where Do Komodo Dragons Live?

Even if there are unfortunately no dragons, Komodo dragons are really close – that’s why they are also called Komodo dragons. They are the largest living lizards and have lived on the islands of Indonesia for millions of years.

Komodo dragons are limited to a few Indonesian islands of the Lesser Sunda group, including Rintja, Padar and Flores, and of course the island of Komodo, the largest at 22 miles (35 kilometers) long. They have not been seen on the island of Padar since the 1970s.

Venomous lizards

Komodo dragons are the undisputed top of the food chain in their habitat, not because of their size, but because of their venomous weapons. The actual bite is weak compared to other predators, but Komodo dragons have venom glands to weaken and then kill their prey. If the poison is not enough, the Komodo dragon has an ace up its sleeve. A variety of different microbes live in the animal’s saliva, which ultimately lead to blood poisoning and thus finish off their victims. They themselves are immune to these bacteria due to their blood properties.

Despite their remarkable and lethal traits, Komodo dragons are very skittish of humans and will only attack if threatened. The stocks were decimated by slash and burn and hunting, so that the Komodo dragon is one of the endangered species. The Komodo dragons are tourist magnets, which has advantages and disadvantages for the animals and their protection: on the one hand, tourists lead to improper feeding of the animals and they are also disturbed, on the other hand, economic development of the region also brings opportunities: the people who live there have Tourism income and thus a greater interest in protecting the Komodo dragons and their habitat. In recent years, the Indonesian government has made repeated attempts to direct the flow of tourists and make it more sustainable.

Are Komodo dragons in Australia?

Komodo dragons have thrived in the harsh climate of the Indonesian Islands for millions of years. Fossils, from 50,000 years ago, show they used to live in Australia once upon a time! Due to the increasing threats of habitat destruction, poaching and natural disasters, these dragons are considered a vulnerable species.

Are Komodo dragons in the US?

Fortunately for Floridians, Komodo dragons are found only in the island habitats of Indonesia, but a number of its monitor cousins have made Florida their home, after they were brought to the U.S. as exotic pets and escaped or were released into the wild.

Do people live with Komodo dragons?

Komodo Dragons are fast and poisonous but the Bugis who share the island with them have learned to live and make some money off the giant lizards. An adult male Komodo Dragon on the island of Komodo, Indonesia.

Where does a Komodo dragon sleep?

Komodo dragons are found in tropical savanna forests, but range widely over the Indonesian islands, from beach to ridge tops. They escape the heat of the day and sleep at night in burrows.

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