Where Can I Find a Chihuahua Up to $300?

Usually, you won’t get a Chihuahua for less than $300. Especially not from a reputable breeder.

With a bit of luck, you will find a Chihuahua in need from animal welfare. These dogs are only placed in their new homes with a protection contract and a protection fee of several hundred euros. The new owners are put through their paces and the future home is examined. This is to ensure that dog and owner are compatible and that the four-legged friend will have a good time.

The protection fee covers part of the expenses incurred by the Chihuahua at the shelter. The amount of the protection fee may vary. Depending on how old the dog is, whether it still needs to be neutered (usual for shelter dogs) or whether it even has papers, etc.

A young Chihuahua will probably cost more than an old Chihuahua grandpa in need of a new home. Dogs with special needs (trauma, blindness, illness) or problem dogs need a dog-experienced home and are also cheaper to have. Normally, however, the nominal fee is between $200 and $450.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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