When Does a Chihuahua Hit Puberty?

When does a Chihuahua hit puberty?

When Chihuahuas reach puberty, they become sexually mature and are able to reproduce.

Female dogs

In bitches, the beginning of puberty is clearly marked by the first heat. This can be expected from the 5th month of life. However, this first heat is often not quite typical and some owners even overlook this event. It is then spoken of “white or quiet heat”. Within the first year of life, almost all female Chihuahuas have had their first heat.

Male dogs

With males, it’s a bit more complicated. When the boys lift their legs for the first time, this is not yet a clear indication of the onset of sexual maturity. Males, on the other hand, need sufficient sperm quality to produce offspring. This is produced at around 9 months. Attention: Even with less good quality, the Chihuahua can already provide for puppies.

In the Chihuahua Club Germany, the minimum age for the first mating act is 15 months. This age applies to both males and females.

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