What Will Change for My Cat in Autumn?

Things change for people in autumn – for example, many are tired when the days get shorter. But how does autumn affect your cat? We explain possible changes that your velvet paw is just beginning to feel.

It is getting dark earlier again, the days are often wet gray, and cold. The leaves change color, acorns, chestnuts, and leaves cover the ground. We humans especially love to make ourselves really comfortable inside.

Do you observe similar behavior in your cat? Maybe she sleeps more and often retires to her warmest and cozy places, just like the pussies of an author of the “Catster” magazine.

On the other hand, many velvet paws also love exploring the garden in autumn. Then they play with the colorful leaves, with pine cones or they hunt spiders in their webs. Mice and squirrels are also more active in autumn as they prepare for the cold winter months – a feast for cats!

Keep Your Cat Active Even in the Fall

If your cat stays in the apartment in the fall, you should make sure that you play with her enough. In this way, you compensate for the lack of movement that your cat normally gets outside.

Does your cat also let off steam outside in autumn? Then make sure that she does not ingest any potentially poisonous things – such as certain autumn plants, mushrooms, or poison against rodents.

Greater Risk of Accidents for Outdoor Cats

Another risk for outdoor enthusiasts is road traffic. As the days get shorter, dawn and dusk gradually overlap with the rush hour of rush hour traffic. During the twilight, the kitties are particularly active on their forays – the risk of accidents increases.

Maybe that’s why you prefer to let your cat out after daybreak in autumn. Another option is to put a reflective collar around yours, which makes it easier for drivers to see it.

For Cats, Autumn Means a Change of Coat

Even house tigers slowly get thicker fur in autumn – although often not as pronounced as outdoor cats. During the change of coat, when your cat loses its summer coat, more furballs may appear. Because then your cat will swallow a lot of hair while cleaning.

You can prevent this by brushing your kitty regularly. But be careful: a lot of cats don’t necessarily like this. It is best to get her used to it carefully as a young kitten.

Be Careful With Candles and Open Fires!

Autumn is the perfect time for lots of candles and a warm fire in the fireplace. However, you should never leave your cat alone with an open fire. Then you run the risk of their fur being singed. Candles should also be placed out of the reach of your cat, advises the “Cats Protection” site. This will prevent her from accidentally knocking over the candles.

Does My Cat Need Comfort Food in the Fall?

Back when there was no heating, people and animals had to eat more in the cold months to get a pad of fat to protect themselves from the cold. Today, of course, that is no longer the case. Many cats get a little fatter in the fall and winter anyway because they move less. To feed more at the same time would only be counterproductive. So: just keep your normal feeding routine!

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