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What Vaccinations Do Dogs, Cats, Pets and Horses Need?

Apparently, there are also more and more non-vaccinating pet owners who do not have their pets vaccinated or only sporadically. Some consider the vaccination unnecessary, others fear side effects. What should be vaccinated against, when, and how often is the subject of many discussions. Here you will find vaccination recommendations on a scientific basis.

Vaccination Guidelines of the Standing Vaccination Commission Vet (StIKo Vet)

The Seiko Vet is a body of recognized veterinary vaccination experts and develops its vaccination guidelines on the basis of scientific knowledge. She appeals to pet owners, veterinarians, and vaccine manufacturers: “Vaccinate more animals, the individual animal as often as necessary!” Their recommendations as to which animal should be vaccinated and how often take into account the individual risk of infection as far as possible and may therefore deviate from the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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