What to Look Out For When Taking Care of the Cat

Take care of the cat or hire a vacation replacement at home? An animal psychologist has a clear opinion – and also says what can happen afterward.

Whether for the weekend or a whole vacation – those who are not at home as a cat owner for longer than a day should let a trusted animal lover look after the cat, advises veterinarian and animal behavior therapist Heidi Bernauer-Münz to the industry association for pet supplies (IVH). Because cats felt most comfortable in their familiar living environment.

Visit the Cat at Least Once a Day

Anyone who takes care of them should visit the cat at least once a day, feed it, check the litter box, and keep busy with it. If there is nobody in the personal environment, online portals or classified ads would also offer the service of pet sitters, for example. In order to assess whether the chemistry is right and whether everyone involved gets along, the sitter and the cat should get to know each other personally before the start of the holiday.

“It would of course be ideal if the same person taking care of the animal on every vacation. If this cannot be guaranteed, the pet sitter can also change as long as the animal and the carer get along well, ”advises Bernauer-Münz.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress on the animals, the expert recommends leaving the apartment unchanged during the absence, e.g. not commissioning any renovation work. Likewise, older and sick cats should not be left alone for a longer period of time.

After Returning: a Lot of Care for Pout Cats

Some cats have a tendency to sulk for a while after their owners return. For example, they turn away and ignore their holder. “Not only dogs but also cats miss their caregivers when they are not there for a long time,” says the animal behavior therapist. As soon as the house tigers notice that the usual routine is back and they get plenty of attention, they would be trusting again.

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