What is the location of the puppy in Yakuza 3?

Introduction: Yakuza 3 and the missing puppy

Yakuza 3 is a popular action-adventure video game that features a gripping storyline and challenging gameplay. One of the memorable missions in the game involves finding a lost puppy. The puppy belongs to a young girl who is heartbroken by its disappearance. As the protagonist, players must embark on a mission to find the puppy and restore the girl’s happiness.

The search begins: where to start looking

Players should start their search by visiting the area where the puppy was last seen. This would require talking to NPCs or non-playable characters who may have seen the puppy wandering around. NPCs can provide valuable clues that may lead to the puppy’s whereabouts. It’s advisable to talk to as many NPCs as possible to gather as much information as possible.

Asking around: talking to NPCs for clues

In Yakuza 3, players can interact with NPCs by pressing the action button. NPCs with information about the puppy will have a speech bubble above their heads. Players can approach these NPCs and initiate a conversation. Some NPCs may provide vague clues, while others may be more specific. Players should pay close attention to the clues provided by NPCs as they may provide valuable leads to the puppy’s location.

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