What Do Dogs Dream?

Scientists believe that dogs can dream when they are asleep. The only question that remains is what do dogs dream of?

Sometimes it’s quite funny to watch when the dog is sleeping. I know some dogs that suddenly start shaking, while others even run or rather sleepwalk.

Some howl in their sleep or even bark. These are signs of wild dreams our loved ones are having.

Dogs go through different stages during sleep. These phases are similar to the human brain.

Sleep phases in dogs

Light sleep comes first, followed by deep sleep. This then goes into the REM phase.

  • light sleep
  • deep sleep
  • REM phase as a dream phase
  • short waking phase

REM is an abbreviation for “Rapid Eye Movement . If we lifted our dog’s eyelids during this phase, we would see strong and rapid eye movements.

During this phase, breathing becomes irregular and shallow. At the same time, the muscles begin to twitch. This is exactly when dogs start to run, howl or wag their tails. The dog is dreaming.

Dogs have around 20 deep sleep phases per night.

Each sleep and dream phase is followed by a short waking phase. This behavior is still descended from the wolf. This ensured that a few animals in the pack were always awake to identify any dangers in good time.

Waking up sleeping dogs?

You may have accidentally or intentionally woken your dog during its dreaming phase. He will probably have been completely confused.

This is very similar to humans. At first, we cannot distinguish between reality and dream. It’s the same with dogs. It will take you a few minutes to find your way around.

Therefore, you should not wake your four-legged friend abruptly. They could startle and in the worst case even snap because they feel threatened.

What do dogs dream about?

What exactly dogs dream, nobody can say exactly. However, it is assumed that they, like us humans, process what they experienced during the day in their dreams.

As a dog owner, you can now rejoice. Supposedly, we humans are the central theme of these dreams, at least that’s what the scientists at Harvard University suspect.

Why do animals dream?

Undisturbed sleep is vital for the dog.

Experience is processed, and what has been learned is consolidated. It is therefore very important for puppies to take a break after each learning phase.

That’s why puppies dream more because they have to process many learned things in their dreams. When processing memories, the brain creates new connections.

In general, it can be said that small dogs dream more often than large dogs. But the dreams of the big dogs last much longer.

It is also clear that dogs that live in a stable environment and feel safe in their home sleep significantly better than other dogs. You sleep deeper and more relaxed and dream more intensely.

This is also similar to us humans. We, too, only sleep well when we feel well protected.

Lack of sleep is dangerous for both humans and dogs. Sleep deprivation has negative effects on the psyche and the body.

Turbulent dreams

Depending on its age and breed, a dog needs up to 20 hours of sleep every day. This includes both deep sleep and light dozing.

Some four-legged friends curl up to sleep, others lie stretched out. The chosen sleeping place is also completely different depending on the dog. However, all our four-legged friends have one thing in common: dogs dream.

Dogs that don’t get enough sleep become nervous and even aggressive. It is up to you as the owner to ensure that the dog gets enough rest and sleep. And with that, we wish you and your dog sweet dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog have nightmares?

Although it can be quite amusing to watch your four-legged friend dream, he may be having a nightmare. If your darling trusts you and you don’t have to fear that he could become a danger to you with fright, then gently place your hand on the twitching body.

Should I wake my dog when he’s dreaming?

What to do with nightmares Even if you have the feeling that the dog is having a bad dream, it is better not to wake it up. However, it can be good for your dog if you gently place your hand on its stomach and speak very quietly to gently let it feel you are close.

Why not wake up sleeping dogs?

A study at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences concluded that dogs process newly acquired information during subsequent sleep. Memories are consolidated because the brain cells make new connections. Dogs should not be woken up while they are sleeping.

Why does a dog cry in sleep?

Yes, even dogs dream while they sleep. And even more so than humans. Watch your four-legged friend and you will see that he twitches his paws, whines, or even barks while he sleeps. These are signs that your loved one is dreaming.

Can a dog cry properly?

Although dogs cannot cry, it is not uncommon for their eyes to water. However, this has nothing to do with the emotional life of the four-legged friends. Instead, watery eyes in dogs always indicate a health problem.

Why do dogs roll their eyes backward while sleeping?

If your dog rolls his eyes while he sleeps, it’s not a health issue. It does mean he’s very relaxed and happy. Therefore, you don’t have to worry or wake him up. As soon as his posture changes, his eyes will surely close as well.

Can a dog laugh?

When a dog smiles, it repeatedly pulls its lips back briefly and shows its teeth several times in quick succession. His posture is relaxed. Dogs smile when they greet their humans or when they want to play with them.

Does the dog have a sense of time?

An essential factor that gives dogs a framework for their sense of time is their biorhythm. Like most mammals, dogs live according to a circadian rhythm: their bodies tell them when they can be active and when they need rest over about 24 hours.

Why is my dog always lying with his bottom to me?

It is a gesture of trust, as the dog will turn its unprotected side towards you. Some more alert dogs also love this petting position because it allows them to stay on top of things and see everything around them.

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