What Do Chihuahuas Like?

Chihuahuas like clear directions and a pack leader they can trust. They should not be coddled but treated as complete dogs. With all demands and needs.

Chihuahuas need exercise and attention from their humans. Above all, of course, the favorite person.

In addition to plenty of exercise and nice walks, they need activities that do justice to their intelligence. The clever little fellows would therefore also like to be mentally encouraged.

The Chi also likes to be carried away to a game.

Chihuahuas like a dog-friendly home that accommodates their small size. Help Chi onto the sofa by pushing a small dog staircase in front of it. If he is allowed to go to bed, there can also be a staircase or ramp there.

And note:

Where the head fits, the rest of the Chihuahua fits, too. The dog, therefore, needs safety gates on stairs, railings, or on the balcony so that it can stay there safely.

The Chihuahua is always happy to be part of the party. So take him with you whenever possible and leave him alone as little as possible. He doesn’t tolerate loneliness very well.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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