What causes American chicken eggs to be white in color?

Introduction: Why are American chicken eggs white?

When you think of a chicken egg, the image that comes to mind is usually a white shell. But have you ever wondered why American chicken eggs are white in color? The answer lies in a complex combination of factors, including genetics, breeding history, industrialization, lighting, diet, stress, and hormones.

Understanding the factors behind white eggs can provide insight into the modern egg industry and the various practices that impact egg production. In this article, we’ll explore the anatomy of a chicken egg, the role of genetics in egg color, the history of chicken breeding in the US, the impact of industrialization on egg production, and various other factors that contribute to the color of American chicken eggs.

The anatomy of a chicken egg

Before delving into the factors that determine egg color, it’s important to understand the anatomy of a chicken egg. A chicken egg consists of several layers, including the outer shell, the inner membrane, the albumen (or egg white), the yolk, and the chalaza (which holds the yolk in place). The outer shell is composed mainly of calcium carbonate, and its thickness and texture can vary depending on the breed of chicken and other factors.

The color of the outer shell is determined by pigments called porphyrins and biliverdin, which are deposited on the shell as it passes through the hen’s reproductive system. However, not all chickens produce the same pigments, which means that egg color can vary significantly between breeds and even between individual hens. In addition, other factors such as diet, stress, and lighting can also influence eggshell pigmentation.

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