Water Vapor Against Bird Droppings: This is How You Clean Aviaries Particularly Effectively

Birds will delight you with their colorful plumage and happy twittering. But what is the best way to clean the aviary? There is a trick for that.

Cleaning the grids of aviaries and pet toy toys is important. If you want to invest as little time as possible, you should be after the dirt promptly and regularly. Because the longer you wait with it, the more time you need because the dirt dries on the cage.

There are special cleaning agents especially for bird droppings in pet shops. But Diana Eberhardt from the specialist magazine “Budgie & Parrot” (issue 6/2021) relies on her own tried and tested method.

Expert Recommends Steam Cleaners for Bird Droppings

She uses a steam cleaner and a microfiber cloth. “The steam duck uses warm steam to dissolve excretions and food residues, which can then simply be picked up with the cloth,” she writes of her experience.

While working with steam you should definitely ventilate well, otherwise, the humidity will rise rapidly. The bird expert advises that the birds must not get near the device. Otherwise, there is a risk of scalding from the warm steam or electric shocks if the power cable gnaws.

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