Was a real dog used in the movie “I Am Legend”?

Introduction: The Controversy Surrounding "I Am Legend"

"I Am Legend" is a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie released in 2007, starring Will Smith as Dr. Robert Neville. The movie is based on the 1954 novel of the same name by Richard Matheson. The story revolves around Neville, the last surviving human in New York City after a virus that was supposed to cure cancer wiped out most of the population and turned the rest into zombie-like creatures.

One of the most controversial aspects of the movie is the fate of Neville’s only companion, a German Shepherd named Sam. Some viewers claimed that the dog was killed during the filming, while others believed that a real dog was not used at all, and instead, a computer-generated image (CGI) was used. The conflicting information has sparked a debate about the use of animals in movies and the importance of animal welfare in the film industry.

The Dog’s Role in the Plot of "I Am Legend"

Sam is a critical character in "I Am Legend." She accompanies Neville everywhere, providing him with companionship and a sense of purpose. Sam is also essential to the plot, as she is immune to the virus that has devastated humanity, making her a potential key to finding a cure. The bond between Neville and Sam is integral to the movie’s storyline, and Sam’s fate has a significant emotional impact on the audience.

CGI vs Real Animals in Movies: Pros and Cons

The decision to use real animals or CGI in movies is a contentious issue. Using live animals can be risky and expensive, and there are concerns about their welfare. CGI, on the other hand, allows filmmakers to create realistic animals without putting them in harm’s way. However, CGI can be costly and time-consuming, and it can lack the emotional impact that comes with using real animals.

One of the advantages of using real animals is that they can bring authenticity and spontaneity to a scene. A well-trained animal can deliver a performance that is difficult to replicate with CGI. However, using real animals comes with significant risks, such as injuries, stress, and even death. Filmmakers must take precautions to ensure the animals’ safety, such as hiring qualified trainers, providing adequate training and care, and adhering to animal welfare laws and guidelines.

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