Tricks For Dogs: 8 Awesome Dog Tricks Explained by the Pro

Teaching your dog tricks is fun.

It doesn’t matter whether these tricks have a practical use or are just funny.

So that you don’t have to search forever for simple dog tricks, we have created a list for you.

In this you will find cool dog tricks, some of which can even be really useful.

In a nutshell: How do I teach my dog tricks?

Do you want to teach your puppy tricks or are you looking for unusual tricks for dogs? Then take a look at our dog tricks list and let yourself be inspired.

  • give paw
  • roll
  • Shame on you
  • please please say
  • Bang!
  • To sit up and beg
  • wave
  • give a high five

For more tips and guidance, check out our dog training bible. This saves you a tedious search on the Internet.

Tricks for dogs and puppies – That’s behind it

Most dog tricks are fairly easy to teach. You can also teach small or young dogs many of the commands.

It is important that you practice the commands in as calm and friendly an environment as possible. You should also make sure that you give your dog enough time to understand the individual steps.

Aside from that, different dogs also take different amounts of time to learn a trick. So have a little patience with your dog if it doesn’t work right away.

Teach dog to paw

To teach your dog to give your paw, or give your paw (for small dogs), you only need a few treats and a little time.

You simply offer your hand in a fist to your dog. Hide a treat in this fist beforehand. As soon as your dog uses the paw to open your HAND, the command follows.

Here you can watch a detailed step-by-step guide from us on how to teach your dog to paw: How to teach a dog to paw

Teach dog role

In order to teach your dog to roll, you should have given him space beforehand.

From this position you guide his head with a treat over his back to the other side.

If your dog shifts weight and rolls over, you can give him the treat and introduce the command.

We have also written step-by-step instructions for you for this trick, which you can find here: Teaching the dog to roll

Teach dog shame on you

Shame on you looks super cute! For this you need a loose string and some treats.

You tie the string together, creating a loop that is larger than your dog’s snout. You then hang this loop over your dog’s nose.

Once he wipes them off, give him the “shame on you” signal and give him a treat.

By the way, the shame on you trick shouldn’t be meant in a bad way – so don’t punish your dog with a harsh pitch.

Dog please please teach

For this trick, you need both Shame on Yourself and Make Man.

Please please is a very difficult trick and only suitable for dogs that can stand on their hind legs or sit in the bunny position without any problems or pain.

First let your dog walk males. Then you give him the command Shame on you – this makes it look like your dog is asking for something.

Give your dog extra time to do this and don’t be angry if he doesn’t pull off the trick. Not every dog has to learn every trick.

Teach Dog Peng

Playing dead and teaching Peng is also just fun, but not necessarily useful.

With the command Peng, your dog should fall onto its side and, if you want, then play dead.

We have written detailed instructions for this trick, with which you can quickly and easily achieve success. Just follow the link: Teach Dog Peng & Dead Spots

Teach dog male

Male is a command that young dogs and healthy adult dogs in particular should execute.

Seniors and puppies should not perform this trick because the weight and stress will be primarily on the animal’s hind legs or hips.

Here you will find detailed instructions for the trick: teaching a dog to a male

Teach the dog to wave

The prerequisite for waving is giving a paw. However, instead of getting your hand caught, you pull it away.

Then your dog should pat its paw in the air. You reward this and at the same time give the command wave.

Teaching dog high five

This trick also actually consists of giving the paw.

Instead of holding out a fist to your dog, you can just hold up the palm of your hand and hide the treat there.

How long will it take…

… until your dog can carry out the various commands.

Since every dog learns at a different rate, the question of how long it takes can only be answered vaguely.

Most tricks take very little time and are learned in a few short training sessions. It usually helps if you approach all the tricks slowly with your dog and explain the individual steps as precisely as possible.

Utensils needed

You definitely need treats. You might consider feeding natural treats like some fruit or vegetables.

Most types of vegetables that are low in bitter substances are good for your dog as a healthy snack.

My personal favorite is the cucumber. Cucumber can be a great treat, especially for dogs that don’t drink enough water anyway. It also minimizes bad breath and cools your dog down on warm days!


Many dog tricks are related to each other. Most of the time, there are a few basic commands your dog should know before training.

You can train other tricks with your dog almost from a standing start.

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