Training and Keeping of the Sloughis

With Sloughis, consistent training and a clear line are important for successful training. Given the autonomy of dogs, a close relationship between humans and animals is imperative.

Sloughis do not act out of sheer obedience, but attachment and affection for their mistress or master is crucial. They also require a calm and gentle upbringing. Too rough an approach would unsettle the dogs and could possibly destroy the trust they have gained.

Tip: A visit to a puppy group and a subsequent dog school visit are ideal supplements to the conventional training of your pet.

A Sloughi is an extremely alert and territorial dog, which makes it suitable as a guard dog. Compared to other breeds, he tends to bark less. Sloughis are also very reluctant to be left alone. Like many other dog breeds, he loves to be among people and fellow dogs.

Due to its natural hunting instinct, the Sloughi has a strong urge to explore. It is not uncommon for him to explore the surrounding forests and meadows during a walk. Depending on their upbringing, a Sloughi can develop a tendency to run away due to their activity level.

Tip: It is especially important that your Sloughi responds to recall commands. Your dog should be taught this as early as possible. Furthermore, you should make sure that you only walk your Sloughi in wildlife-free areas. So your dog can let off steam without the risk of escaping.

A Sloughi is not particularly good for beginners. On the other hand, it is suitable for experienced dog owners with a lot of empathy who appreciate the independent nature of the animals.

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