Training and Keeping of the Pointer

Pointer training should begin when the dog is a puppy. Immediately after the whelping box, the puppy should be well socialized so that it can later treat its peers or other dogs with respect.

It is important that the upbringing is carried out consistently so that it becomes a loving and reliable companion. A dog school is also suitable for this. In principle, the pointer is easy to lead because it is intelligent, cooperative, and willing to learn. He is very attached to his owner and their family, which is why he is also suitable as a family dog.

It should be noted, however, that he must live out his innate hunting instinct. The pointer should be able to enjoy an extensive run every day so that he can exercise himself both physically and mentally. If not kept for hunting, dog sports challenges are a good alternative.

In addition, the pointer is not suitable for a city and certainly not for an apartment. He needs a lot of space to feel comfortable. That is why the pointer is suitable for those who live in the country or at least in a house with a large garden.

In general, the pointer is an excellent dog for athletic people. However, it should only be managed by dedicated and knowledgeable owners.

Tip: Mental and physical under-challenging can lead to behavioral problems over time. You should never neglect your hunting instinct.

However, as long as his needs are met, he is a very reliable companion and the family dog.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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