Training and Husbandry of the Saluki

How exactly is a Saluki kept? And why are Persian greyhounds not suitable for beginners? In this section, we have summarized everything you need to know before you decide on a Saluki.

Education and training of the Saluki

Salukis are very intelligent and learn quickly – if they want to. As with most sighthounds, Saluki training is all about motivating the dog and preventing boredom. Endless repetitions or strict discipline will not lead to success with this dog breed. A Saluki only learns tricks and commands if the training is interesting and varied.

The attitude of the Saluki

When it comes to their habitat, Salukis are straightforward. While a house with a large fenced yard is ideal, indoor keeping is quite possible. At home, Salukis are calm and not very active.

What they absolutely need is enough exercise, which means at least 2 hours a day. A Saluki owner should therefore be sporty and have enough free time to take long walks with the dog. You can also go jogging or horseback riding with a Saluki. However, none of these activities are enough to keep the dog busy and give him the exercise he needs.

Worth knowing: Salukis are sight and chase hunters. To be truly happy, they need to run a lot, preferably several times a week.

We describe below in the article which activities enable the Saluki to do this without endangering it or other animals.

Apart from their hunting instinct and urge to move, Salukis are unproblematic in keeping. They bark little and are not destructive in the home. Nevertheless, they are not suitable as first dogs because of their special needs and poor obedience.

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