Training and Husbandry of the Borzoi

When raising a borzoi you need not only a lot of love and patience but also a certain understanding of the characteristics typical of the breed. Blind obedience is not to be expected from this proud breed. Empathy and loving consistency are required here. In this way, the stubborn bundle of energy can become a great friend who happily accompanies you everywhere.

One should not underestimate the borzoi’s ability to hunt. Originally bred for hunting, this is of course in the breed’s blood. A reliable recall is particularly important here. If this does not work yet, it is advisable to leave the dog on a leash. Fenced areas are recommended for training here.

In order to do justice to his joy of running, you should plan some time to go for long walks with the dog, jog, go roller skating or let him ride your bike with you.

Note: Regardless of the breed, if your dog is not working to capacity and has too much pent-up energy, this will have a negative impact on other areas.

With appropriate training, the borzoi can sometimes stay alone for a while. If he is sufficiently exercised and challenged, there is nothing wrong with keeping a borzoi in an apartment. Due to its quiet, almost cat-like behavior and little need to bark, it is a calm and pleasant roommate despite its size.

The borzoi is less suitable as a guard dog, but it does have a certain protective instinct towards its family. Here he also likes to show his courage and self-confidence.

If you would like to get a borzoi as your first dog, you should definitely find out from breeders or borzoi owners beforehand. Consider whether you have the space, time, and opportunity to keep and exercise this dog.

Mary Allen

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