Top 5 Intelligence Games For Cats

For kittens with brains: These five toys are just the thing if you want to exercise your darling’s gray cells – and your kitty will have fun doing it too.

The Fummelbrett or Activity Board

Right at the beginning of the classic: The game board with the curious name “Fummelbrett” not only brings a lot of fun to your little fur ball but also trains its dexterity and intelligence. Ideal if you don’t have much time and want to keep your bright darling busy.

On Activity Boards, your four-legged friend will find “discovery courses” optimized for cats, where he can try things out extensively. Particularly practical: the toy can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Cat Center

If the Activity Board is too easy for your cat, it may be challenged with the Cat Center. The toy has different areas such as small tunnels that can be prepared with treats or a maze that can be individually designed with wool threads. Here you can adjust the level of difficulty yourself.

Funny “cheese holes” from which your cat can fish something, adjustable walls, and a mouse hole provide even more variety. Either way, the reward can only come with a lot of clever paw work.

The Brain Mover

The name says it all because the Brain Mover is only for really clever cats. The inconspicuous board looks like a children’s mold game and works on the same principle as the activity board and other intelligence games for cats.

Prepare the openings and hiding places with treats and see if your cat manages to get all the nutritious rewards. The drawers and levers in particular should make the four-legged friend ponder.

The activity box

You have a few more customization options with the Activity Box: It looks like a big Swiss cheese and offers the option of closing individual holes. This way you can always redesign the toy and your cat doesn’t have a chance to see through the mysterious wonder box. You can hide toys or treats inside. In any case, your cat will enjoy fishing.

The feed maze

Even when eating, the gray cells can be trained. This is a good way to lose weight, especially for slightly chubby cats. If your cat wants to get the tasty treats, it first has to figure out how to move the rails through the numerous holes so that the food falls down.

Not only paw acrobatics, but also plenty of brains are required. If you want to make it a bit trickier, you can move the holes or adjust the size of the openings.

With these intelligence games for cats, you challenge and encourage your animal in equal measure. This is good for the bond and for the brain. In addition, the right choice of the toy also protects against danger, because these toys are dangerous for the cat.

We wish you and your cat lots of fun tinkering and trying things out.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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