Tooth Broke During A Game: How Can You Help A Dog

With frenzied fuss, this can happen quickly: the dog will break a tooth. How can you help your four-legged friend? And when should you go to the vet with him?

If your dog has a broken tooth while playing, you can check for yourself how bad the situation is with a simple test. But to do this, you – and especially your dog – need to be very brave. Because: you can independently check the need for action using a needle that you insert into the root canal.

You can tell by the small hole in the middle of the edge of the cliff. If a needle can be inserted, the canal is open and should be treated by a veterinarian in the next few days.

However, we advise that this preliminary examination only be carried out by experienced owners of calm dogs. With restless animals, it is better to immediately contact a professional. A fractured tooth is not an emergency, but further clarification should not be postponed.

Dangerous Game: Just Don’t Throw Stones

But it will be better if it doesn’t come to that. Throwing stones is an absolute taboo. When dogs catch them in flight, tooth fractures occur more often than average, and they usually have to be treated with a crown or tooth extraction.

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