Tips for Grooming Guinea Pigs

What to Consider When Changing Fur

Hairy times in the guinea pig pen? Is your guinea pig losing more hair than usual? Don’t worry: this is quite normal in autumn and spring because it is time to change fur.

“Shorthair and rosette guinea pigs are very easy to care for when it comes to grooming,” says Angela Beck, author of numerous pet guides. Usually, they groom themselves and do not require grooming. However, these guinea pig breeds should also be given a little support during the change of coat. Because in autumn the summer fur is shed and the thicker winter fur grows back. Especially in animals that live in open enclosures until autumn, the change of coat is more noticeable than in those that are kept in the apartment at more constant room temperatures. “During the change of coat, dead hair can be removed once a week, for example with a soft natural hairbrush or a knobbed glove,” explains Beck.

Guinea pigs with long fur, on the other hand, should always be carefully combed with a wide-toothed comb several times a week and then brushed. “In this way, tangling is prevented and parasites are prevented from nestling unnoticed,” Beck continues. “Knotted areas are carefully loosened or, if necessary, cut lengthways along the hair. Use scissors with rounded tips. You can remove heavier soiling with a damp cloth. ”It is also often advisable to shorten the coat. This prevents matting and dirt on the rear and protects against overheating in summer. “This consideration is all the more important because some guinea pigs do not like to be touched and grooming is not a pleasure for them,” the author points out.

However, many animals like to be brushed. It works like a massage. Guinea pig grooming becomes a wellness program when the rodents are placed on a warmed towel on the lap or table.

If the animals enjoy grooming the guinea pigs, you can of course also brush short-haired and rosette guinea pigs all year round to do them something good.

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